Corrosion Protection for All Types of Metals

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rusty rebar within concreterusty bolts holding against a wooden boardrusty 1972 Chevelle
MCI coated Rebarcoated boltspainted 1972 chevelle

Corrosion is the wearing away of metals due to a chemical reaction and/or electrochemical oxidation. This deteriorating can happen within concrete structures. Moreover, corroding rebar in deteriorating concrete is the cause of costly repairs, financial losses, injuries and even death. We have the technology that protects reinforcing metal in concrete from corrosion. Other types of metal protection by corrosion inhibitors provide cost-effective solutions to corrosion problems by delivering a protective shield to metals including copper, brass, aluminum, steel, cobalt, zinc, magnesium, and silver. Give us a call or email us see above. See our Concrete Treatment and attached Spec Sheet

We have the solution for those Rusty 70s Classics and Any other car

Rust and corrosion are an awesome, destructive force. In the past, there was no total solution, and in the United States rust, corrosion cost consumers more than 1/3 trillion dollar a year. Who cannot remember those 70s classic with all that rust. In addition, the frame and undercarriage could have more than just rust with corrosion eating up more metal than a junk yard compactor. If it works for the ‘Classics’ it will solve today’s Rusty Car problems. Perhaps, there has been little that consumers could do to control the rust and corrosion problems. Most of the products were too strong; too weak, too temporary and/or cosmetic coating that just plain didn't work plus were they too environmentally unfriendly.